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UNIPRON® polymer heating cable is the unique representative in the market of Belarus among products that are used in floor heating systems building. UNIPRON® cable, unlike all other products with heating elements made of metal, was created with the use of a different technology. The heating element of UNIPRON® heating cable is made of polymer!

The insulation compounds used in the product amount to 2/3 of the total cable thickness and possess very good durability characteristics against high temperatures and hazardous environment. This easily allows using UNIPRON® cable not only for comfort heating of room floors, bath mirrors and walls, but also making it the main heating source of the whole building. UNIPRON® product can be used for waste water drain heating, rain-water facility heating, sewer pipe heating, water-supply line heating, driveway and roof snow melting, greenhouse soil warming, farm livestock warming, heating of construction decking for speeding up curing processes.

UNIPRON® polymer cable can be as well utilized for such various applications as:

- waste water drain heating;

- rain-water facility heating;

- sewer pipe heating;

- water-supply line heating;

- driveway and roof snow melting;

- greenhouse soil warming;

- farm livestock warming;

- heating of construction decking for speeding up curing processes.

UNIPRON® polymer heating cable has the following unique characteristics:

- only 3 mm in diameter – cable can be easily placed directly under the tile into adhesive layer;

- quick heating process – due to the large area of heat generating material;

- cost effectiveness – due to quick heating process the cable consumes less energy per unit time;

- flexibility – cable is extremely flexible and is hardly possible to get damaged during installation;

- reliability – cable does not get burned out, does not get oxidized, has a simple design structure and the minimum quantity of components;

- modular installation – parallel connection of several independent elements increases the fail safety of the entire system;

- quick and inexpensive repair in case of any mechanical damage during cable installation, tiling or heating system operation;

- no harmful emission – due to polymer there is no harmful radiation for human body or animals;

- low price – due to the simple design structure and the minimum quantity of components.


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